Flour Facebook Child


Greetings to all! Happy July 10th! Every day should be a celebration, right?

On this special day I’m proud to announce to you fellow flour friends that Flour Child has jumped on the Facebook bandwagon.

Since most of you are already smooth riding on that same bandwagon, I hope you’ll take just a quick moment to hit that convenient little ‘like’ button for me. For me! Come on! Don’t be a couch potato.

Facebook! Facebook! Facebook! Facebook! Facebook!

And in the meantime, keep on baking. Cookies make the world go round.

Whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

And so does pie.

4th of July
Love love love love love,


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One response to “Flour Facebook Child

  1. Lisa

    Looks like the big apple is a great time! Do you think you could take a look at this recipe idea and make something wonderful out of it? You sure seem to have a gift for it!

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