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Brown Butter Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you were given only one dessert to eat for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Cookies & Milk

I choose chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

They may not be debonair, suave, or classy. They might not buy their chocolate chips at Fendi or their brown sugar from Saks. They far too often find chalky, lame imitations of themselves in unfortunate lunchboxes across America. Some call them trite, overdone, even cliché. I call them home.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Raise your hand if you’ve ever eaten a chocolate chip cookie and it made you sad. No? No hands? Told you so.

When I was little, I didn’t think there was anything better than a Pepperidge Farm chocolate chunk cookie, microwaved on a paper towel for 18 seconds. Not on a paper plate, not on a grown up plate, those ruined everything. All I needed was a paper towel, melty cookie, and a mini glass of milk just sufficient enough for dipping and I was set for life. Well, at least for the 9 seconds it took before I was standing on a kitchen chair trying to reach the cookie bag on the waaay-too-high-up 3 foot shelf. The memories I can round up, solely in regards to chocolate chip cookies, are unbelievable.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first started feeling my way around the kitchen, I wouldn’t dare stray from the back-of-the-bag Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe. Now, especially with something so ordinary as chocolate chip cookies, I like to experiment. Want to know what I’ve found? Whole wheat flour is actually better than white flour in cookies like these. I know! And it’s better for you too! Additionally, brown butter is like a secret spy ninja in a really nice peacoat who just slips into any given baked good and makes things a whooole lot better. I mean, caramelized butter? Is that a joke? Nope. Not a joke. Do it friends.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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